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Professional diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in the leading specialized clinics in Europe.

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We conduct an initial and then a profile consultation.


We select the program, medical center and procedures.


While you are on the road, we are in contact with the clinic and supervise the organization of your appointment.


We provide support for all questions even after the program ends.


We form for you a package of medical documents with translations.

We know how to help you

Our programs are based on the world's best scientific and practical experience in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

They cover almost the entire range of medical areas, allowing you to determine the most effective set of studies and procedures in each case.

Comprehensive diagnostics
Oncology treatment
Vascular surgery and cardiology
Limb prosthetics
Endoprosthetics of joints
Minoinvasive surgery

You can consult with our specialists about programs in these and other areas for free.

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Our partners are leading specialized clinics and rehabilitation centers from Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Turkey.

Each of them has an impeccable reputation, the latest therapeutic and diagnostic equipment, laboratory facilities, and, most importantly, highly qualified medical staff.

Contact us and our consultants will provide the most up-to-date information about partners who are ready to accept a patient in a specific direction.

Numbers will tell you about us

The Global Medical Assistance service takes its origin in 2018.

Our goal is to help patients from anywhere in the world choose the most suitable medical center in Europe for examination, treatment or rehabilitation.

Our services are free of charge for clientsthis is our contribution to their happy healthy future.

since 2018
we have been helping people to be healthy again
clients used our services
clients receive an individual approach
clinics are ready to accept our patient right now

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